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Upcoming Toronto Festivals
Sep 6 - 22, 2023 Caribbean Tales
  Stories from the islands.
Sep 7 - 17, 2023 Toronto International Film Festival
  The big kahuna of Toronto film festivals.
Sep 14 - 22, 2023 Commffest
  Bringing communities together through film.
Sep 15 - 18, 2023 Toronto Indie Film Festival
  Riding the festival wave in the name of micro-budget cinema.
Sep 19 - 20, 2023 TO Web Fest
  Made for the Internet.
Sep 21 - 30, 2023 Corazon Latino Film Festival
  From Mexico to Toronto.
Sep 21 - 29, 2023 Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival
  Big wheels on screen.
Sep 23, 2023 Nuit Blanche
  Artists take us deep into the Toronto night.
Sep 27 - Oct 1, 2023 Toronto Palestine Film Festival
  Presenting the narrative of a disposessed people. Screening both in cinema and online.
TBA -- Sep 2023? Glenn Gould @ 90
  A celebration of all things Glenn Gould, including films about his work and his own contributions to cinema.
Oct 1 - 31, 2023 Toronto Latin American Film Festival
  Hispanic cinema.
Oct 12 - 22, 2023 International Film Festival of South Asia
  From South Asia to just West of Toronto.
Oct 12 - 22, 2023 Planet In Focus
  Taking stock of this hunk of rock we call home every autumn.
Oct 17 - 29, 2023 ImagineNative
  Aboriginal film and video.
Oct 18 - 22, 2023 Toronto After Dark
  New horror, fantasy and action cinema.
Oct 20 - 21, 2023 Macedonian Film Festival
  Broadening awareness of Macedonian talent.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Ageless Film Festival
  Cinema reflects on living long.
TBA -- Oct 2023 Alucine
  Presenting the work of Latino film and video makers.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Horror-rama
  Toronto's annual celebration of horror includes a selection of horror shorts from around the world.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Lebanese Film Festival In Canada
  Lebanon through film.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Reelworld Film Festival
  Celebrating cultural diversity through film.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Rendezvous With Madness
  Illuminating mental illness and addiction with both screenings and panel discussions.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Toronto Arthouse Film Festival
  New independent talent.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Toronto Food Film Festival
  Food on screen, snacks in the belly.
TBA -- Oct 2023? Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival
  From Nigeria to Toronto.
Nov 2 - 12, 2023 South African Film Festival
  The culture, history and politics of South Africa.
Nov 3 - 11, 2023 Cinéfranco
  Recent French-language cinema.
Nov 17 - 29, 2023 Shorts Not Pants Festival
  Quick takes.
Nov 20 - 25, 2023 Blood In The Snow
  Warm blood for the cold Canadian winter.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Architecture & Design Film Festival
  Design directs.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Canadian Labour International Film Festival
  The world of work and those who do it.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Canadian Sport Film Festival
  Giving the armchair quarterback a festival to call his own.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Ekran Toronto Polish Film Festial
  Polish cinema returns to Toronto.
TBA -- Nov 2023? European Union Film Festival
  The member countries of the European Union showcase continental culture for the benefit of us in the colonies.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Reel Asian
  Toronto's annual collection of films from Asia and the Asian diaspora.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Syria Film Festival
  Moving pictures convey the Syrian struggle.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Toronto Indie Horror Fest
  New blood.
TBA -- Nov 2023? Video Drunk
  Drink deeply from the fountain of cinema.
TBA -- Dec 2023? Jayu Human Rights Film Festival
  Taking stock of human rights abuses in North Korea and beyond.
TBA -- Dec 2023? Regent Park Film Festival
  Shining the spotlight on a Toronto neighbourhood in revival.
TBA -- Dec 2023? Toronto Shorts International Film Festival
  Short-form cinema.
TBA -- Feb 2024? Cinéfranco Families
  The city's yearly round-up of recent French-language cinema offers up some family-friendly fare.
TBA -- Feb 2024? Cinéfranco Youth Festival
  The city's yearly round-up of recent French-language cinema reaches out to the city's youth with weekday school presentations.
TBA -- Feb 2024? Toronto Animation Arts Festival International
  Sharpen your imagination.
TBA -- Feb 2024? Toronto Black Film Festival
  Discovery, from Africa to the diaspora.
TBA -- Mar 2024? Canadian Film Fest
  New homegrown fare.
TBA -- Mar 2024? Human Rights Watch
  Fighting injustice, inspiring hope.
TBA -- Mar 2024? Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival
  South Asian cinema comes to Canada.
TBA -- Mar 2024? Toronto Irish Film Festival
  Cinema of the emerald isle.
TBA -- Mar 2024? Toronto Queer Film Festival
  Representing the under-represented.
TBA -- Mar 2024? Toronto Short Film Festival
  Short-form cinema.
TBA -- Mar 2024? Toronto Ukranian Film Festival
  Ukrainian culture in Toronto.
TBA -- Apr 2024? Canadian Film Day
  All Canada, all day.
TBA -- Apr 2024? Hot Docs
  Ten days of reality-based cinema. The cream of the Sundance/SXSW/Tribeca slate, plus many World and North American premieres.
TBA -- Apr 2024? Images Festival
  Screen art, running the gamut from intriguing features to experimental shorts and gallery installations.
TBA -- Apr 2024? TIFF Next Wave
  World cinema for teens, tweens and young adults. Most screenings free for anyone under 25!
TBA -- Apr 2024? Toronto Film Week
  Free shorts from the international indie set.
TBA -- Apr 2024? Toronto Silent Film Festival
  Where the images (accompanied by live music, naturally) do the talking.
TBA -- May 2024? Czech That
  Czech cinema travels to you!
TBA -- May 2024? Future Of Film Showcase
  Emerging filmmakers, new films.
TBA -- May 2024? Inside Out Lesbian And Gay Film Festival
  Eleven days of the queer cinematic experience.
TBA -- May 2024? Korean Film Festival
  Free Korean films, presented by the Korean Film Council and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea.
TBA -- May 2024? Reel Abilities
  Cinema by and about people with disabilities.
TBA -- May 2024? Spring Of Horror
  Fresh blood.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Breakthroughs Film Festival
  Emerging female directors break through.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Get Reel Film Fest
  Cinema sparks conversation about mental health.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Italian Contemporary Film Festival/Lavazza Inclucity Festival
  Italian cinema returns to Toronto.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Together We Rise
  Scarborough shines the spotlight on Asian arts and culture.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Toronto Arab Film Festival
  Arab cinema in Toronto.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Toronto Japanese Film Festival
  Genre-spanning Japanese cinema.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Toronto Jewish Film Festival
  A yearly celebration of worldwide Jewish culture on film.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Toronto Smartphone Film Festival
  Shot small, shown big.
TBA -- Jun 2024? Vaughan Film Festival
  Indie cinema in the suburbs.
TBA -- Jul 2024? Female Eye
  Another gaze.
TBA -- Jul 2024? Reel HeART Film Festival
  Independent film, from script to screen.
TBA -- Jul 2024? The 8 Fest
  Small-gauge filmmaking.
TBA -- Jul 2024? Toronto Beaches Film Festival
  Beach life, inside.
TBA -- Aug 2024? Diffusion
  Artist-centered film and video from underrepresented perspectives. Presented by the re:assemblage collective.
TBA -- Aug 2024? Mulan International Film Festival
  From China to Toronto.
TBA -- Sep 2024? Cabbagetown Short Film And Video Festival
  Cabbagetown loves cinema.
Out Of Town
Missing In Action: Toronto
Last Seen: Mar 2022 Pendance Film Festival
  For the love of story.
Last Seen: Oct 2021 Muslim International Film Festival
  Celebrating Muslim excellence in film.
Last Seen: Jul 2021 Vector Festival
  Born digital.
Last Seen: Jun 2019 Toronto True Crime Film Festival
  Truth > fiction. Docs, docudramas and lectures.
Last Seen: Jun 2021 Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival
  One-time COVID-afflicted nations fill the Toronto summer evening with the sights and sounds of cinema. Presented by ICFF.
Last Seen: Apr 2019 Cinéfranco Perspective Québec
  New, vibrant French-language cinema from La Belle Provence.
Last Seen: Mar 2021 Toronto Korean Film Festival
  Taste kimchi cinema.
Last Seen: Feb 2021 JFF Plus Online Festival
  From Japan to you, by way of the internet.
Last Seen: Aug 2019 Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival
  Young filmmaking stars shine.
Last Seen: Dec 2020 Brazil Film Fest
  A dose of Brazilian cinema holds off the imminent winter chill.
Last Seen: Dec 2019 Sinolux
  Chinese favourites. In this year's spotlight: Lou Ye!
Last Seen: Oct 2020 What The Film Festival
  Eccentric cinema, courtesy Laserblast. This year screening free as part of Canzine!
Last Seen: Oct 2020 Coalition Of South Asian Film Festivals
  South Asian cinema in solidarity.
Last Seen: Sep 2020 Culture Days
  An annual cross-Canada weekend of culture, including film.
Last Seen: Aug 2020 Insomniac Film Festival
  Toronto's young filmmakers create rather than sleep. In lieu of an in-person gathering, this year the festival has collected short films into a feature-length movie.
Last Seen: Apr 2019 Bloody Mary Film Festival
  Celebrating women in horror, sci-fi and fantasy.
Last Seen: Mar 2019 Waterdocs
  For the love of H20.
Last Seen: Jan 2020 indiefilmTO Fest
  Adding value.
Last Seen: Jan 2020 Japan Foundation Film Screenings
  The Consulate General Of Japan amd the Japan Foundation team up for this annual free movie event.
Last Seen: Dec 2019 Filmi
  South Asian cinema culture.
Last Seen: Nov 2019 Cyrus International Film Festival
  Contemporary Iranian cinema. Formerly known as CineIran.
Last Seen: Nov 2019 Pomegranate Film Festival
  Fresh filmic takes on Armenian culture.
Last Seen: Nov 2019 Estdocs
  The Estonian documentary film festival.
Last Seen: Nov 2019 Toronto Serbian Film Festival
  Toronto's annual showcase of Serbian cinema returns.
Last Seen: Nov 2019 Diaspora Film Festival
  Illuminating the immigrant experience.
Last Seen: Oct 2019 Toronto Middle Eastern And North African Film Festival
  Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Tunis and more.
Last Seen: Oct 2019 Toronto Spanish Film Festival
  New films from Spain, doled out one title per week.
Last Seen: Jul 2019 Multicultural Film Festival
  The cinema mosaic at work.
Last Seen: Jun 2019 Contact Dance International Film Festival
  The momentum of dance takes to the screen.
Last Seen: May 2019 Turkish Film Week
  Turkish cinema.
Last Seen: Mar 2019 Cine Cuba Toronto
  Cuban cinema.
Last Seen: Oct 2018 Nollywood Travel Film Festival
  From Nigeria to Toronto.
Last Seen: Sep 2016 Parkdale Film + Video Showcase
  The cinema of Parkdale.
Last Seen: Sep 2018 Canadian International Faith And Family Film Festival
  Artists In Christian Testimony present films of faith.
Last Seen: Aug 2018 Lost Episode Festival
  Fans fill in the genre blanks.
Last Seen: Aug 2018 Toronto Anime Matsuri
  Pop-culture Japan in Toronto - anime, J-Rock, fashion and more!
Last Seen: Jun 2018 Contemporary Croatian Cinema
  The latest from Croatia.
Last Seen: May 2018 Toronto Nepali Film Festival
  Highlighting the political and social developments of Nepal.
Last Seen: Apr 2018 Toronto International Porn Festival
  The former Feminist Porn Awards expands to explore the diversity of human lust.
Last Seen: Apr 2018 Italian Contemporary Film Festival Youth Edition
  A youth-oriented spin on contemporary Italian cinema.
Last Seen: Nov 2017 Reel Awareness - Amnesty International Human Rights Film Festival
  Human rights issues on film.
Last Seen: May 2017 Toronto International Deaf Film & Arts Festival
  Showcasing deaf culture on film.
Last Seen: Oct 2016 Explore Experience Evolve Film Festival
  Toronto's spiritual film festival.
Last Seen: Oct 2016 Eatable
  Food + film.
Last Seen: Oct 2016 DGC Awards Film Festival
  The Directors Guild Of Canada prepares for its annual awards ceremony with a week of nominees. Free!
Last Seen: Oct 2016 Brazilian Film & TV Festival Of Toronto
  The heat of Brazilian culture holds off the imminent autumn chill.
Last Seen: Jul 2016 Silver International Film Festival
  Building connections between filmmakers and filmgoers.
Last Seen: Jun 2016 World International Film Festival
  World cinema screens around the globe.
Last Seen: May 2016 Bollywood In The Bluffs
  Free South Asian films at the Scarborough Bluffs.
Last Seen: Dec 2015 The Shortest Day
  Ring in the solstice with short films leading up to the year's shortest day. Free!
Last Seen: Nov 2015 Toronto NXT Film Fest
  New voices, new visions.
Last Seen: Oct 2015 Toronto Russian Film Festival
  Post-Soviet Russian cinema.
Last Seen: Aug 2015 Rastafest
  Reggae film.
Last Seen: May 2015 Eastern Breeze
  A taste of Eastern philosophy.
Last Seen: Mar 2015 Reel Artists Film Festival
  Artists on film. Presented by the Canadian Art Foundation.
Last Seen: Feb 2015 Romanian Film Festival Of Toronto
  A spring showcase of Romanian cinema. Presented by Association Rocade.
Last Seen: Oct 2014 Zero Film Festival
  DIY, self-financed films.
Last Seen: Oct 2014 Si Si Cine
  The Spanish-language cinema festival returns as part of the larger Festival Of Images And Words.
Last Seen: Aug 2014 Toronto Veloreel Film Festival
  Movies on wheels. Outdoors at 1 Fraser Ave.
Last Seen: Jun 2014 Pink Latino Diversity Festival
  Just in time for Pride.
Last Seen: Apr 2014 Sex And The Erotic Film Festival
  Sex, love, pleasure.
Last Seen: Mar 2014 U Of T Film Fest
  Students past and present of the venerable downtown learning institution showcase their work.
Last Seen: Mar 2014 Breast Fest
  Rethinking breast cancer.
Last Seen: Nov 2013 Monsters & Martians
  Indie sci-fi.
Last Seen: Sep 2013 Toronto Cornerstone International Film Festival
  Love motivates, messages sent, action taken.
Last Seen: Jul 2013 Hidden Film Festival
  Hide and seek.
Last Seen: Jun 2013 Toronto Greek Film Retrospective
  The legacy of Greek cinema, free of charge.
Last Seen: Mar 2013 The Caribbean Film Festival
  From the islands to the diaspora.
Last Seen: Oct 2012 French Films On Campus
  Free Francophonic Film, an initiative of French Cultural Services In Canada.
Last Seen: Oct 2012 Toronto Creole Film Festival
  Creole culture.
Last Seen: Sep 2012 Abilities Arts Festival
  Cinema provides the impetus to discuss issues surrounding disability. Part of the larger Abilities Arts Festival.
Last Seen: Sep 2012 Stiffed! Film Festival
  This year's Salon De Refuses for rejected TIFF shorts.
Last Seen: Jul 2012 Shinsedai
  The new generation of Japanese filmmakers. The 2013 edition has been cancelled.
Last Seen: Jun 2012 Worldwide Short Film Festival
  Brevity crosses all borders in this yearly helping of cinema for the short of attention. Of special mention are an outdoor screening at Dufferin Grove Park (Jun 3), comedy showcase at The Garrison (Jun 7), a night of shorts at the CN Tower (Jun 9), and an all-night programme (Jun 9). Mostly
Last Seen: Mar 2010 World Of Comedy Film Festival
  Laugh the winter blues away.
Last Seen: Feb 2012 All Balls Don't Bounce Sports Weekend
  Displaying a passion for both sport and film with a focus on black athletes, screening Joe Frazier doc When The Smoke Clears, black surfing expose White Wash, West Indian cricket remembrance Fire In Babylon and Canadian track and field story Mighty Jerome. Screenings are free.
Last Seen: Feb 2012 Giggleshorts
  Levity meets brevity.
Last Seen: Aug 2011 Bicycle Film Festival
  The moving image on two wheels.
Last Seen: May 2011 Toronto Romanian Film Festival
  Charting the flourishing course of Romanian cinema.
Last Seen: Sep 2009 Spinning Wheel Film Festival
  Stories illuminating the history and traditions of the Sikh people.
Last Seen: Mar 2011 Japanese Short Film Festival
  Bite-sized chunks of Japanese cinema.
Last Seen: Feb 2011 Cuban Film Festival
  Cuban cinema. Free!
Last Seen: Sep 2010 Indie Can
  Independent Canadian cinema.
Last Seen: Sep 2010 Toronto Scream Fest
  Short, sharp jabs of bloody horror.
Last Seen: Jul 2010 Human Rights Docfest
  Human rights issues on film.
Last Seen: Jul 2010 Toronto Singapore Film Festival
  Singaporean goodies.
Last Seen: Apr 2010 Tibet Film Festival
  Sharing the culture of Tibet with Toronto through recent documentaries and features.
Last Seen: Dec 2009 Romanian Film Festival at Toronto
  Montreal's Romanian Fest makes the trip down the 401.
Last Seen: Nov 2009 Kino Festival Of Russian Film And Art
  Covering fiction, documentary and even animation, Kino attempts to present a comprehensive portrait of Russian film culture.
Last Seen: Oct 2009 MUCK Film Festival
  Movies of uncommon knowledge, confronting assumptions about the world we live in.
Last Seen: Sep 2009 Kino Kultura
  Highlights from the last decade of Polish cinema, including Andrez Wajda's Katyn, plus animated shorts for the kids and a programme of music videos. Part of the larger Roncesvalles Polish Festival. The hard-to-find schedule can be found at the bottom of this page.
Last Seen: May 2009 Over The Top
  A companion film festival to the annual all-ages music festival of new and rising acts. Highlights include the Gondry/Carax/Bong omnibus travelogue film Tokyo!, explosive home invasion thriller PVC-1 and Viking flick Severed Ways.
Last Seen: Mar 2009 Mpenzi Black Women's Festival
  Black women's issues on film.
Last Seen: Mar 2009 Queer 2 Fly
  Diversity through film.
Last Seen: Feb 2009 Australian Film Weekend
  The cinema of down under warms the frigid Canadian winter. This year's programme includes the Midnight Madness-approved Ozploitation doc Not Quite Hollywood.
Last Seen: Nov 2008 Voices Forward
  Illuminating life in the Middle East via Israeli and Palestinian culture.
Last Seen: Oct 2008 Toronto International Latin Film Festival
  Upstart usurper of the Latin film fest crown, showcasing recent cinema from South America and Europe.
Last Seen: Sep 2008 Student Shorts
  Occupation: student. Output: film. Length: short.
Last Seen: Sep 2008 Microcinefest
  A cornucopia of cinema and video for the TIFF'ed off.
Last Seen: Jun 2008 Toronto Portuguese Film Festival
  Portuguese culture on film.
Last Seen: May 2008 Contact: Films On Photography
  The yearly city-wide photography festival includes a sidebar collection of photo-docs.
Last Seen: Dec 2007 Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival
  Films dealing in fantasy, science fiction and mythology (but drawing the line at horror).
Last Seen: Nov 2007 Bengali Film Festival
  Bengali culture on film.
Last Seen: Oct 2007 DNA Film Festival
  Digital narrative arts.
Last Seen: Jun 2007 Balkan Film Festival
  The countries of south-eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Turkey) represent themselves cinematically.
Last Seen: May 2007 Hong Kong Film Festival
  Ten years after the handover of the Hong Kong territory to mainland China, U of T's Asian Institute shares a decade of film industry highlights with Toronto audiences.
Last Seen: Feb 2007 Prisoner's Justice Film Festival
  Prison activism through cinema.
Last Seen: Nov 2006 Toronto Arab Film Festival
Last Seen: Nov 2006 ResFest
  Digitally yours. Music videos, shorts and more.
Last Seen: Nov 2006 Moving Pictures
  Moving bodies meet the moving image, dance meets film.
Last Seen: Sep 2006 RebelFest
  Feeding off TIFF's considerable profile.
Last Seen: Sep 2006 First Take
Last Seen: Aug 2006 Young Cuts
  Young filmmakers step into the spotlight.
Last Seen: Jun 2006 Splice This!
  Toronto's annual celebration of small-gauge filmmking.
Last Seen: Jun 2005 Festival Of Italian Cinema
  Upstart competitor in the Italian festival space.
Last Seen: May 2005 Classic Movie Festival
  Classics both remebered and forgotten, B-movies and seminal works of noted directors.
Last Seen: Apr 2005 Jack Layton Film Festival
  The leader of Canada's NDP political party lends his name to this iconoclastic collection of films promoting "social democracy, the human condition, peace, love & understanding and maybe even a laugh or two".
Last Seen: Jun 2004 Sex And Death
Last Seen: Apr 2004 Get Reel
Last Seen: Feb 2003 Polish Film Festival
Last Seen: Jan 2003 Iced In Black
Last Seen: Sep 2002 Planet Indie
Last Seen: Sep 2002 Counting Past 2
Last Seen: Aug 2002 Teen Movie Festival
Last Seen: Jul 2002 BritPics
Last Seen: Oct 2001 Digital Image Festival

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