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Another Chance
New This Week:   Becoming Nobody     Luce     Spider-Man: Far From Home
Also This Week:   David Crosby: Remember My Name     The Farewell     Midsommar (director's cut)     Where'd You Go, Bernadette?     Yesterday
As always, remember to call ahead; programmes are subject to change.

Becoming Nobody
The Fox   Sep 23  7:00pm,   Sep 24  4:30pm,   Sep 25  9:30pm.
David Crosby: Remember My Name
The Fox   Sep 20  4:30pm,   Sep 24  9:00pm.
The Revue   Sep 23  4:00pm.
The Farewell
The Fox   Sep 19  9:00pm.
The Revue   Sep 19  9:30pm.
The Revue   Sep 20  6:45pm,   Sep 21  6:30pm,   Sep 23  9:30pm,   Sep 24  9:30pm.
Midsommar (director's cut)
The Revue   Sep 20  9:30pm.
The Fox   Sep 22  9:30pm,   Sep 26  9:15pm.
Spider-Man: Far From Home
The Revue   Sep 21  1:00pm,   Sep 22  1:00pm,   Sep 25  9:30pm.
Where'd You Go, Bernadette?
The Fox   Sep 19  6:45pm.
The Revue   Sep 22  6:45pm,   Sep 23  6:45pm,   Sep 26  9:30pm.
The Revue   Sep 19  6:45pm.
The Fox   Sep 20  6:45pm,   Sep 21  1:00pm,   Sep 22  4:30pm,   Sep 22  7:00pm,   Sep 23  9:00pm,   Sep 24  6:30pm.

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