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Nov 30
European Union Film Festival @ Spadina Theatre
The member countries of the European Union showcase continental culture for the benefit of us in the colonies.
Dec 1
- Jan 4
Magnificent 70mm @ Lightbox
Go big or go home. This week:
Boogie Nights (1997, USA, D: Paul Thomas Anderson) new 70mm print -- Dec 1, 6:15pm; Dec 7, 6:30pm; Dec 10, 6:30pm
2001: a Space Odyssey (1968, UK/USA, D: Stanley Kubrick) 70mm -- Dec 2, 6:30pm; Dec 8, 6:30pm
Dec 2 - 27
The Lubitsch Touch @ Lightbox
Lubitsch brings European sophistication and humour (with no shortage of innuendo) to golden age Hollywood. This week:
Ninotchka (1939, USA, D: Ernst Lubitsch) -- Dec 2, 3:00pm; Dec 10, 3:00pm
To Be Or Not To Be (1942, USA, D: Ernst Lubitsch) 35mm -- Dec 3, 3:00pm
The Love Parade (1929, USA, D: Ernst Lubitsch) 35mm -- Dec 3, 6:30pm
Dec 7 - 10
Jayu Human Rights Film Festival @ Hot Docs
Taking stock of human rights abuses in North Korea and beyond.
Dec 7 - 10
Toronto Shorts International Film Festival @ Innis Town Hall
Short-form cinema.
Dec 9 - 10
Filmi @ Harbourfront
South Asian cinema culture.
One-Offs And Short Runs
Nov 30 Disturbing Behaviour (1998, USA, D: David Nutter)   Hold Up!
Rebel Pacific Northwest teens are targeted for conformist brainwashing.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Nov 30 Hard-Nosed (A Muso Duro) (2022, Italy, D: Marco Pontecorvo)
Dr. Antonio Maglio pushes for the social integration of disabled people, leading to the founding of the Paralympic Games. A panel discussion preceds the film. Presented by ICFF.
@ Lightbox 7:00pm
Nov 30 Shrek (Interactive) (2001, USA, D: Andrew Adamson & Vicky Jenson)
A flatulent Scots ogre falls for the princess he agreed to rescue. An interactive experience, complete with prompts and props.
@ The Fox 7:00pm
Nov 30 Going In (2023, Canada, D: Evan Rissi)
Estranged party buddies return to the scene following a kidnapping. Director/writer/star Rissi in attendance.
@ The Paradise 8:00pm
Nov 30 The Adults (2023, USA, D: Dustin Guy Defa)   MDFF Presents
A fraught relationship between siblings turns a short visit back home into an extended reunion. Actress Hannah Gross will be in attendance.
@ Lightbox 8:00pm
Nov 30 Oldboy (2003, South Korea, D: Park Chan-wook)
A flawed man seeks vengeance after being mysteriously imprisoned for 20 years. The second installment in Park's vengeance trilogy.
@ The Fox 9:15pm
Dec 1
- Dec 7
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000, USA, D: Ron Howard)
Jim Carrey brings the manic to Seuss' classic. At Carlton, Elgin Mills and Promenade.
@ Imagine Cinemas
Dec 1
- Dec 7
The Holiday (2006, USA, D: Nancy Meyers)
Ladies swap houses (and countries) for Christmas in the hopes of kickstarting romance.
@ Carlton
Dec 1
- Dec 7
Batman Returns (1992, USA, D: Tim Burton)
"It's the so-called 'normal' guys who always let you down. Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed." The big man bat takes on The Penguin at Christmas time.
@ Carlton
Dec 1 The Curse (2023, USA)
A curse affects a newly married couple's reality tv series. The latest from Nathan Fielder. Episodes 4-5 will be screening today, with more to come over the next month or so.
@ Lightbox 6:30pm
Dec 1 Everyone I Know Is Sick
Social links between disability and AIDS are explored over the course of five commissioned videos from around the world. Screening to mark the Day Without Art.
@ AGO 7:00pm
Dec 1 299 Queen Street West (2023, Canada, D: Sean Menard)
Canada's scrappy music video channel MuchMusic reconfigures music culture from Toronto's Queen West strip. VJs in attendance!
@ Hot Docs 7:00pm
Dec 1 Tampopo (1985, Japan, D: Juzo Itami)   FFF    Free!
A couple of truck drivers help a widow make better ramen. Please bring a non-perishable food donation for Parkdale Community Food Bank.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Dec 1
- Dec 7
Spirited (2022, USA, D: Sean Anders)
Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds and Octavia Spencer give Dickens' classic Christmas tale a musical, comedic spin. Showtimes: Dec 1, 7:10pm; Dec 2, 3:10pm; Dec 3, 7:10pm; Dec 4, 3:10pm; Dec 5, 7:10pm; Dec 6, 3:10pm; Dec 7, 7:10pm.
@ The Kingsway
Dec 1 Silent Night Deadly Night (1984, USA, D: Charles E. Sellier Jr.)   Always On Film
'Tis the season for cold-blooded murder. A troubled teen becomes a Santa-garbed killer.
@ The Kingsway 9:15pm
Dec 1 The Brain (1988, Canada/USA, D: Ed Hunt)
A high school student with a flair for pranks fights a self-help television host who is brainwashing the populace with help from an alien entity. At Christmas.
@ The Revue 9:30pm
Dec 1
Dec 3
Dec 7
The Thing (1982, USA, D: John Carpenter)
"If I was an imitation, a perfect imitation, how would you know it was really me?" Tough guy chopper pilot Kurt Russell and the crew of an Antarctic research station face a deadly alien mimic.
@ The Fox
Dec 2
Dec 3
Elf (2003, USA, D: Jon Favreau)
An adopted elf leaves the North Pole in search of his true family. With Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel. At Yonge-Dundas, Eglinton Town Centre, Vaughan and Winston Churchill.
@ Cineplex
Dec 2
Dec 9
Saturday Morning Cereal Cartoon Party
Sugar in the bowl, televisual sugar on the screen. 3 hours of favourites and obscurities, vintage commercials and PSAs. Plus: cereal!
@ The Revue
Dec 2 The Polar Express (2004, USA, D: Robert Zemeckis)   Family Favourites
A boy meets Santa Claus as primitive motion capture technology provides season-inappropriate creepy vibes.
@ Cineplex 11:00am
Dec 2 Unholy (2023, D: Berhane Negusse)
A woman raising awareness of the genocidal war taking place in her homeland destabiizes further when she discovers her husband's secret.
@ The Paradise 1:30pm
Dec 2 Turning Heads Vol II (2023, Canada, D: Emily Gioskos & Karbon Bornacelli)
Real stories "reclaim makeup as a genderless tool of self-expression".
@ Hot Docs 5:00pm
Dec 2 Behind The Lines (2023, Belgium/France/Germany, D: Alisar Hasan & Alaa Amer)
Syrian cartoonist Amany Ali-Ali, living in a city threatened by both religious extremism and war, uses her art to critique both. Subject in attendance along with her work. Presented by the Syrian Film Festival.
@ Innis Town Hall 6:00pm
Dec 2 Toronto Based Shorts
Made locally, screened locally.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Dec 2 Billion Dollar Babies: The True Story of the Cabbage Patch Kids (2022, USA, D: Andrew Jenks)
The Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon changes the toy industry.
@ Hot Docs 7:30pm
Dec 2 Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 (1987, USA, D: Lee Harry)   (Not-So) Terrible Twos
A young man attempts to avenge past abuse and his murderous brother's death by targetting the evil Mother Superior.
@ The Revue 9:30pm
Dec 3 I Am Eleven (2011, Australia, D: Genevieve Bailey)
A composite portrait of 11-year-olds from around the world. Director Genevieve Bailey will take part in a Zoom Q&A after the film. Please bring a non-perishable food donation for The Stop.
@ The Revue 12:00pm
Dec 3 The Age Of Innocence (1993, USA, D: Martin Scorsese)   High Tea Cinema
Daniel Day-Lewis is torn between social convention and personal passion in Scorsese's adaptation of Wharton's novel. Plus: tea and scones!
@ The Fox 1:00pm
Dec 3 Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia (2012, France, D: Laurent Tirard)
The plucky Gaul and his strong-but-thick best friend aid Britons against invading Romans.
@ Spadina Theatre 2:00pm
Dec 3 Way Out West (1937, USA, D: James W. Horne)   TFS
Laurel & Hardy get mixed up in a scheme to defraud the rightful inheritor of a gold mine. A delightful comic treat! Also on the bill: L&H short Hog Wild.
@ The Paradise 2:00pm
Dec 3 Home Alone (1990, USA, D: Chris Columbus)
An accidentally abandoned boy protects his Christmas from a pair of bumbling crooks.
@ The Revue 3:00pm
Dec 3 Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002, France, D: Alain Chabat)
Plucky Gauls find themselves embroiled in an Egyptian scheme to win a bet with Caesar. Presented by So French.
@ The Royal 4:00pm
Dec 3 Elegies (2023, Hong Kong, D: Ann Hui)
Noted Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui surveys the poetry of her home city.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Dec 3 A Revolution On Canvas (2023, USA, D: Sara Nodjoumi & Till Schauder)
A painter's daughter investigates the disappearance of over 100 paintings considered treasonous by the Iranian regime. Filmmakers in attendance.
@ Hot Docs 7:00pm
Dec 3 Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986, USA, D: John Heyn & Jeff Krulik)   Stompbox
Judas Priest fans party in their natural habitat. Plus: other Heyn & Krulik docs covering Lancelot Link, porn collecting and Neil Diamond fans. Plus: Dragon Sound perform a set of Judas Priest covers.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Dec 3 Introduction To The End Of An Argument (1990, Canada/Palestine, D: Jayce Salloum & Elia Suleiman)
Perpetual Recurrences (An Exrcise In Film Programming) (2016, D: Reem Shilleh)
Western media's depiction of Palestinian comes under critique; clips of Palestinian and non-Palestinian films create a visual iconography of struggle. Free, but donations to Medical Aid For Palestinians are encouraged. Venue is somewhere in Kensington Market, revealed with ticket purchase.
@ New Circle Of Cinema 8:00pm
Dec 4 Gremlins (1984, USA, D: Joe Dante)
Cute little creatures destroy a small town's Christmas when they are fed after midnight.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Dec 4 The Boy and The Heron (2023, Japan, D: Hayao Miyazaki)
A boy enters a strange fantasy world on the verge of collapse after moving to the country following the death of his mother. Previewing tonight in IMAX at Yonge & Dundas, Eglinton Town Centre and Markham..
@ Cineplex 7:00pm
Dec 4 Downtown 81 (1981, USA, D: Edo Bertoglio)   Contours
Jean-Michel Basquiat provides a peek into the 1980's New York art scene as he tries to rustle up some rent money.
@ The Paradise 8:00pm
Dec 5 Mountains On Stage
High climbin' cinema.
@ Innis Town Hall 6:00pm
Dec 5 Kokomo City (2023, USA, D: D. Smith)   The Hottest Docs
Black trans sex workers speak of their profession and their community.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Dec 5 The Piano (1993, New Zealand/Australia, D: Jane Campion)
A mute mail-order bride plays a game of sexual extortion with the frontiersman who has claimed her beloved piano. 35mm! Cameron Bailey will lead a post-screening discussion in Varda.
@ Lightbox 6:30pm
Dec 5 The Polar Express (2004, USA, D: Robert Zemeckis)
A boy meets Santa Claus as primitive motion capture technology provides season-inappropriate creepy vibes.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Dec 5 Driving Mum (2022, Estonia/Iceland, D: Hilmar Oddsson)   Nordic Nights    Free!
A devoted son drives the corpse of his recently deceased mother across Iceland to lay her to rest. Registration required. In person at Lightbox (?) and also streaming online via Zoom.
@ online 7:00pm
Dec 5 Trailer Trash: Doomsday
The Revue's own trailer editor Nathan Boone presents a selection of apocalyptic movie trailers. Members only!
@ The Revue 9:30pm
Dec 6 The Abyss (1989, USA, D: James Cameron)
A rescue team looking for a lost sub encounters aquatic aliens. 4K remaster! At Yonge & Dundas, Queensway, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Vaughan, Winston Churchill and Yorkdale.
@ Cineplex
Dec 6 We Are Little Zombies (2019, Japan, D: Makoto Nagahisa)   TIFF Next Wave Presents
Teen orphans deal with their parents' deaths by forming a punk rock band.
@ Lightbox 6:30pm
Dec 6 Between The Rains (2023, USA/Kenya, D: Andrew H. Brown & Moses Thuranira)   Doc Soup
A Kenyan boy experiences tribal clashes, danger from predators and the erosion of his culture as climate change affects the traditional rainy season.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Dec 6 Yentl (1983, USA, D: Barbara Streisand)   We Really Like Her
A tomboy hides her gender to undergo religious training.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Dec 6 In Broad Daylight (2023, Hong Kong, D: Lawrence Kwan Chun Kan)
Investigative journalists follow up on a tip about abuse of disabled residents in a care home. At Markham.
@ Cineplex 7:00pm
Dec 6 Phantom Ride (2019, Canada, D: Stephen Broomer)   Ad Hoc Film Collective
Excerpts from an industrialist's home movies become a journey along the open road.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Dec 6 How To Survive A Plague (2012, USA, D: David France)   Queer Cinema Club
ACT UP and TAG turn AIDS into something other than an immediate death sentence. Activist Peter Staley will appear virtually to answer questions after the film.
@ The Paradise 8:00pm
Dec 7 Raging Grace (2023, UK, D: Paris Zarcilla)
An undocumented Filipina's new job as a care worker is threatened by an unexpected discovery.
@ Lightbox 6:35pm
Dec 7 Tokyo Godfathers (2003, Japan, D: Satoshi Kon)   Anime @ The Revue
A trio of people living on the street search for an abandoned baby's parents on Christmas Eve.
@ The Revue 7:00pm
Dec 7 Cup Of Cheer (2020, Canada, D: Jake Horowitz)
Christmas movie tropes are tweaked and mocked as a journalist from the city becomes involved with the owner of a smalltown hot cocoa shop. Cast and crew in attendance!
@ The Revue 9:30pm

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