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Nov 16 - 18
CineIran Festival
Contemporary Iranian cinema.
Nov 16
Reel Asian
Toronto's annual collection of films from Asia and the Asian diaspora.
Nov 17
Regent Park Film Festival @ Daniels Spectrum
Shining the spotlight on a Toronto neighbourhood in revival.
Nov 18
Ekran Toronto Polish Film Festial
Polish cinema returns to Toronto. At: Isabel Bader, Hot Docs, The Revue, Ciné Starz.
Nov 18
Pomegranate Film Festival
Fresh filmic takes on Armenian culture.
Nov 22 - 27
Blood In The Snow @ The Royal
Warm blood for cold Canadian winter..
Nov 22
European Union Film Festival @ The Royal
The member countries of the European Union showcase continental culture for the benefit of us in the colonies.
Nov 23 - 24
Canadian Labour International Film Festival @ Carlton
The world of work and those who do it.
Nov 23 - 24
Shorts Not Pants Festival @ Cinecycle
Quick takes.
Dec 9
The Great War On Film @ Lightbox
Cinema tackles the first World War. This week:
The Officer's Ward (2001, France, D: Francois Dupeyron) w/ Mike Trauner -- Nov 15, 6:30pm
King And Country (1964, UK, D: Joseph Losey) -- Nov 16, 6:15pm
Passchendaele (2008, Canada, D: Paul Gross) -- Nov 17, 3:15pm
Lawrence Of Arabia (1962, UK, D: David Lean) -- Nov 18, 12:30pm
The Kid Who Couldn't Miss (1982, Canada, D: Paul Cowan) -- Nov 20, 6:15pm
The Great War (1959, Italy, D: Mario Monicelli) -- Nov 22, 6:10pm
Dec 23
A Woman Possessed: The Films Of Joan Crawford @ Lightbox
Survey the extraordinary career of the great classic-era Hollywood actress. This week:
Autumn Leaves (1956, USA, D: Robert Aldrich) -- Nov 16, 1:00pm
Humoresque (1946, USA, D: Jean Negulesco) w/ Karina Longworth -- Nov 18, 6:30pm
Dec 23
Bergman 100: The Ingmar Bergman Centenary @ Lightbox
Celebrate a hundred years of Swedish angst about relationships and religion. This week:
Summer With Monika (1953, Sweden, D: Ingmar Bergman) -- Nov 16, 3:45pm
Persona (1966, Sweden, D: Ingmar Bergman) -- Nov 16, 9:00pm; Nov 17, 12:45pm; Nov 18, 3:00pm; Nov 19, 6:30pm; Nov 20, 6:30pm; Nov 21, 8:30pm; Nov 22, 7:00pm
Hour Of The Wolf (1968, Sweden, D: Ingmar Bergman) -- Nov 16, 9:05pm
The Magic Flute (1975, Sweden, D: Ingmar Bergman) -- Nov 20, 8:30pm
A Lesson In Love (1954, Sweden, D: Ingmar Bergman) -- Nov 21, 6:30pm
One-Offs And Short Runs
Nov 15 Joni Mitchell: Woman Of Heart And Mind (2003, USA, D: Susan Lacy)
Music and talk with Joni Mitchell.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Nov 15 You've Got Mail (1998, USA, D: Nora Ephron)   We Really Like Her
Rivals in the bookstore business meet anonymously on the internet. Presented by Emily Gagne and Danita Steinberg.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Nov 15 At Eternity's Gate (2018, UK/France, D: Julian Schnabel)
Willem Dafoe portrays Vincent van Gogh as the painter's life nears its end.
@ AGO 7:00pm
Nov 15 Mamma Mia! (2008, USA/UK, D: Phylida Lloyd)
Sing along with the songs of ABBA as a bride attempts to determine which of three men is her actual father.
@ The Fox 7:00pm
Nov 15
Nov 17
Nov 18
The 48 Hour Film Project
Two days to create art, seven screenings to sift through the results.
@ The Revue
Nov 16 Storm De Hirsch - Mythology For The Soul   Ad Hoc Film Collective    Free!
Poetry collection Mythology For The Soul launches with readings of Storm De Hirsh's poems and screenings of her films.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Nov 16 Grease 2 (1982, USA, D: Patricia Birch)   FFF    Free!
Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield lead a new cohort of high-schoolers in sex-fueled shenanigans.
@ Innis Town Hall 7:00pm
Nov 16
Nov 17
Nov 18
Aliens (1986, USA, D: James Cameron)
"They mostly come at night... mostly."
@ Cinesphere
Nov 16 Lifeforce (1985, UK, D: Tobe Hooper)   Fear Is Free Fridays    Free!
The Believers (1987, USA, D: John Schlesinger)
The Witchmaker (1969, USA, D: William O. Brown)
Fear x 3!
@ The Kingsway 8:45pm
Nov 17 Sagrada: The Mystery Of Creation (2013, Switzerland, D: Stefan Haupt)
Examining the ethereal hold of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia cathedral during its epic, still-ongoing construction.
@ Hot Docs 11:00am
Nov 17 Anna Christie (1930, USA, D: Clarence Brown)
Garbo's past as a prostitute threatens to derail her new relationship. Screening to commemorate the 150th birthday of Canada's own Marie Dressler.
@ Lightbox 1:00pm
Nov 17 Cats Don't Dance (1997, USA, D: Mark Dindal)   Baby Friendly
A singing feline shoots for stardom.
@ The Royal 2:00pm
Nov 17 El Badla (2018, Egypt, D: Mohammad Adel)
Cosplaying cops come up against real criminals.
@ Innis Town Hall 6:30pm
Nov 17 Light Terrors: Expanded Cinema From Winnipeg   Pleasure Dome
Winnipeg image-makers employ obsolete audio-visual equipment to sculpt time with sound and light.
@ Niagara Custom Lab 8:00pm
Nov 17 Face To Face (1967, Italy/Spain, D: Sergio Solima)   Colin Geddes' Kinovortex
A professor's attemtps to civilize an outlaw instead awaken his own violent impulses.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Nov 17 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1991, USA, D: Fran Rubel Kuzui)   Dumpster Racoon
Before Joss Whedon's high school destroyer of the pointy-toothed menace became a small screen legend, she was personified by Kristy Swanson in this big screen adventure. Plus: a pre-show drag performance.
@ The Revue 9:30pm
Nov 18 Klimt & Schiele - Eros And Psyche (2018, Italy, D: Michele Mally)   In The Gallery
The deaths of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele usher in the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
@ Cineplex
Nov 18 The Gospel According To Andre (2017, USA, D: Kate Novack)
Vetern editor Andre Leon Talley makes his mark on the world of fashion. Talley will be present for a Q&A following the screening.
@ AGO 1:00pm
Nov 18 Madame Butterfly (1932, USA, D: Mario Gering)   TFS
Only Yesterday (text, text, D: text)
Pre-code! A soldier loves and leaves a woman overseas; a woman left pregnant by a one-night stand meets chances upon the man responsible.
@ The Kingsway 2:00pm
Nov 18 Omkara (2006, India, D: Vishal Bhardwaj)   Shakespeare Wallah
Shakespeare's Othello is transplanted to the political and criminal environment of Uttar Pradesh.
@ Aga Khan 3:00pm
Nov 18 Mickey Mouse's 90th Anniversary
Celebrate 90 years of Disney's copyright-extending corporate mascot with 1990 doc The Hand Behind The Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story and a selection of Mickey Mouse shorts, including his debut, Steamboat Willie.
@ Hot Docs 3:30pm
Nov 18 Tokyo Chorus (1931, Japan, D: Yasujiro Ozu)   Silent Revue
A young insurance salesman copes with providing for his family after losing his job over a point of honour.
@ The Revue 4:15pm
Nov 19 Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie (1952, USA, D: Henry King)
A man looks back on the bride he lost due to his own poor behaviour. Karina Longworth, critic and creator of the You Must Remember This podcast, will talk about gender, power and Howard Hughes following the film.
@ Lightbox 7:00pm
Nov 19 Hausu (1977, Japan, D: Nobuhiko Obayashi)
A group of schoolgirls get picked off one by one by a haunted country house in this bugfuck exercise in wild cinema. Screening in conjunction with the Japan Foundation's upcoming lecture on the occult boom in 1970's Japamn.
@ The Revue 9:15pm
Nov 20 Dal Puri Diaspora (2012, Canada/India/Trinidad And Tobago, D: Richard Fung)   Our Beautiful City
Fung's culinary quest to discover the origins of dal puri roti deliniates a path of colonialism and migration.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Nov 20 At Eternity's Gate (2018, UK/France, D: Julian Schnabel)
Willem Dafoe portrays Vincent van Gogh as the painter's life nears its end. Director Julian Schnable will be in attendance.
@ Lightbox 7:30pm
Nov 21 The Price Of Everything (2018, USA, D: Nathaniel Kahn)
An investigation into the dynamics of pricing art. Previewing tonight before its upcoming release. A panel discussion follows the film.
@ Hot Docs 6:30pm
Nov 21 Girlfriends (1978, USA, D: Claudia Weill)
A single woman prepares for solitude when her roommate moves out to get married.
@ Lightbox 8:50pm
Nov 22 Dan And Margot (2015, Canada, D: Jake Chirico & Chloe Sosa-Sims)
A schizophrenic speaks of the man stalking her who was actually a figment of her imagination. Screening in support of TIFF's community initiatives.
@ Lightbox 6:00pm
Nov 22 How To Steal A Million (1966, USA, D: William Wyler)   Designing The Movies
Audrey Hepburn hires professional thief Peter O'Toole to remove a forgery from a Paris museum. Plus: discussion with designer and blogger Carolyn Rohaly about fashion.
@ The Revue 6:45pm
Nov 22 Infinite Football (2018, Romania, D: Corneliu Porumboiu)   MDFF Presents
A friend of the director details the ways he feels soccer could be much improved as a viewing experience.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Nov 23
Nov 24
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (2018, Canada, D: Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier & Edward Burtynsky)
Human need to dominate the Earth creates environmental change on a massive scale. From the directors of Manufactured Landscapes and Watermark.
Nov 23 Quanto Basta (2018, Italy/Brazil, D: Francesco Falaschi)   L'Altra Italia
A chef with anger issues spends his community service time mentoring a cook on the autism spectrum.
@ Lightbox 9:00pm
Nov 24 Watermark (2013, Canada, D: Jennifer Baichwal & Edward Burtynsky)
Environmental photographer Burtynsky turns his macroscopic gaze to the human manipulation of water.
@ AGO 3:00pm
Nov 24 The Lost World (1925, USA, D: Harry O. Hoyt)
Prehistoric creatures survive in a faraway land. With live musical accompaniment by Fern Lindzon. Presented by the Toronto Silent Film Festival.
@ The Fox 4:30pm
Nov 24 Manufactured Landscapes (2006, Canada, D: Jennife Baichwal)
Edward Burtynsky's photographs of man-transformed spaces take on the dimension of time thanks to Baichwal and cinematogropher Mettler.
@ AGO 5:00pm
Nov 24 The Room (2003, USA, D: Tommy Wiseau)
The infamy. Bring spoons!
@ Carlton 11:00pm

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