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Mar 22
The Aftermath (UK/Germany/USA, D: James Kent, site)
A British couple move into a German man's house as they aid in post-war reconstruction efforts. With Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgard.
City: Varsity
Ash Is Purest White (China, D: Jia Zhangke, site)
A woman who took the rap for her gangster boyfriend emerges from prison into a much-changed China.
City: Lightbox
  An Audience Of Chairs (Canada, D: Deanne Foley, site)
A woman deals with losing custody of her daughters due to her mental illness.
City: Carlton
  Genesis (Canada, D: Philippe Lesage, site)
First loves play out amidst the insecurities of adolescence. Selected for Canada's Top Ten!
City: Lightbox
  Heading Home: The Tale Of Team Israel (USA/Israel/Japan, D: Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller & Jeremy Newberger, site)
Israel's Olympic team competes in Seoul.
City: Hot Docs
  The Highwaymen (USA, D: John Lee Hancock, site)
Retired police officers Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson return to duty to catch Bonnie & Clyde.
City: Lightbox
  The Hummingbird Project (Belgium/Canada, D: Kim Nguyen, site)
Traders attempt to beat the competition by building a faster cable. With Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgard and Salma Hayek.
City: Empress Walk    Scotiabank    Varsity    Yonge & Eglinton
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Jodi Ekdin (Bangladesh, D: Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raz, site)
Romance looms for a single father caring for his beloved dsughter.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre
  June (India, D: Ahammed Khabeer, site)
Ten years in the life of a young woman, from the ages of 16 to 26.
Suburbs: York
  Kesari (India, D: Anurag Singh, site)
A Sikh fighter with family issues participates in the Battle Of Saragarhi.
City: Fairview    Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Albion    Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga    Vaughan    Winston Churchill    Woodside    York
  The Mustang (France/USA, D: Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre, site)
A violent inmate is enrolled in a therapy program centered around training wild horses.
City: Varsity
  The Quietude (Argentina, D: Pablo Trapero, site)
A mother and her two daughters reunite following the stroke of the family patriarch.
City: Varsity
  Ulan (Philippines, D: Irene Villamor, site)
A pessimistic woman attempts to move past heartbreak.
City: Canada Square
Suburbs: Mississauga    Scarborough
  Us (USA, D: Jordan Peele, site)
A family is terrorized by seeming copies of themselves.
City: Don Mills VIP    Empress Walk    Fairview    Market Square    Scotiabank    Varsity    Yonge & Dundas    Yonge & Eglinton    Yorkdale
Suburbs: Beach    Eglinton Town Centre    Elgin Mills    Markham    Mississauga    Morningside    Promenade    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Scarborough    Vaughan    Winston Churchill    Woodbine
Mar 20
Gully Boy (India, D: Zoya Akhtar, site)
Street rap expresses the class frustrations of the poor and disenfranchised.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Vaughan
Mar 21
Alone / Together (Philippines, D: Antoinette Jadaone, site)
Former lovers cross paths once more.
Suburbs: Scarborough
Furie (Vietnam, D: Le-Van Kiet, site)
A former gang leader is tenacious in tracking down her kidnapped child.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Mississauga
  Ghost Town Anthology (Canada, D: Denis Côté, site)
Strangers appear in a town reeling from a young man's death.
City: Lightbox
  Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church (USA, D: John McDermott, site)
Hendrix plays to a crowd of 300,000 at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival.
City: Hot Docs (one show Sun,Mon,Thu)
  Luka Chuppi (India, D: Laxman Utekar, site)
A television reporter's new love turns out to be on the stubborn side.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    York
  Mission Of Honor (UK/Poland, D: David Blair, site)
The RAF's 303 Squadron fights the Battle Of Britain.
City: Carlton
  Never Look Away (Germany, D: Florian Henchel von Donnersmarck, site)
An artist now living freely in West Germany is tormented by his past as a boy in the Nazi era and as a young man under the communist regime.
City: Lightbox
  90ML (India, D: Anita Udeep, site)
Tamil-language comedy/drama.
Suburbs: York
  The Protege (USA, D: Daphne Zuniga, site)
A woman investigates the suspected poisoning of her sister, the head of a wellness center.
City: Carlton
  3 Faces (Iran, D: Jafar Panahi, site)
The fates of actors aspiring, successful and faded are caught up in a conflict between personal will and community tradition.
City: Lightbox    Mt. Pleasant (one show Fri,Sun,Wed)
  To Let (India, D: Chezhian Ra, site)
A film worker and his family are given short notice to vacate the apartment they're renting.
Suburbs: York
  Total Dhamaal (India, D: Indra Kumar, site)
More Dhamaal than you can handle.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga    York
Mar 22
Apollo 11 (USA, D: Todd Douglas Miller, site)
Go deep inside NASA's moon shot courtesy recently discovered footage of the mission.
City: Canada Square    Lightbox    Varsity
Suburbs: Richmond Hill    Winston Churchill
Arctic (Iceland, D: Joe Penna, site)
A plane crash strands Mads Mikkelsen in the Arctic.
City: Carlton
  Badla (India, D: Sujoy Ghosh, site)
Amitabh Bachchan investigates a suspicious death. With Shah Rukh Khan.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Albion    Winston Churchill    Woodside    York
  Band Vaaje (India, D: Smeep Kang, site)
A young Indian Man living abroad falls for a Pakistani girl despite his grandmother's noted bigotry.
Suburbs: Albion    Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga
  Birds Of Passage (Colombia/Denmark/Mexico, D: Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra, site)
Rival clans go to war over the burgeoning drug trade.
City: Lightbox    Kingsway (one show daily)
  Boomerang (India, D: R. Kannan, site)
Tamil action.
Suburbs: York
  Can You Ever Forgive Me? (USA, D: Marielle Heller, site)
A writer out of fashion turns to faking and forging celebrity letters. With Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant.
City: Kingsway (one show Fri,Mon-Thu)
  Capernaum (Lebanon/USA, D: Nadine Labaki, site)
A pre-teen boy living on the streets sues his neglectful parents for bringing him into this world.
City: Canada Square
  Climax (France, D: Gaspar Noe, site)
A dance troupe's wild party goes spectacularly off the rails when someone slips hallucinogenics into the punch.
City: Lightbox
  Cold War (Poland, D: Pawel Pawlikowski, site)
A tempestuous romance plays out across the Iron Curtain and over several iterations of a signuature song.
City: Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue)
  The Crossing (China, D: Bai Xue, site)
A student who makes daily crossings of the border from Mainland China to Hong Kong for her education takes up smuggling to raise some extra cash.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Markham
  Everybody Knows (Spain/France/Italy, D: Asghar Farhadi, site)
Tensions simmer when a married woman returns to her hometown to attend a wedding. With Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. From the director of A Separation.
City: Lightbox
  Extreme Job (South Korea, D: Lee Byeong-heon, site)
Detectives on a stakeout accidentally create a successful restaurant.
City: Empress Walk
  Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] II. lost butterfly (Japan, D: Tomonori Sudo, site)
The war for the Holy Grail continues
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Winston Churchill
  The Favourite (UK/Ireland/USA, D: Yorgos Lanthimos, site)
Frail Queen Anne's close friend tends to her health and governs in her place until a new arrival connives to win the same favour. From the director of Dogtooth and The Lobster.
City: Canada Square    Kingsway    Varsity
  Free Solo (USA, D: Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, site)
Rock climber Alex Honnold scales Yosemite's El Capitan Wall.
City: Carlton    Cinesphere (IMAX) (one show Sat,Sun only)
  Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable (USA, D: Sasha Waters Freyer, site)
Street photographer Winogrand chronicles New York City of the '60s and '70s.
City: Hot Docs (until Sun)    Mt. Pleasant (one show Fri-Sun)
  Gloria Bell (USA/Chile, D: Sebastian Lelio, site)
Divorced, middle-aged Julianne Moore strikes up an unexpected new romance.
City: Empress Walk    Varsity    Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Queensway    Winston Churchill
  Green Book (USA, D: Peter Farrelly, site)
Viggo Mortensen chauffeurs an African-American pianist through the 1960's deep South.
City: Carlton    Yonge & Dundas    Yonge & Eglinton
Suburbs: Morningside    Queensway    Richmond Hill    Winston Churchill
  Greta (Ireland/USA, D: Neil Jordan, site)
Chloe Grace Moretz befriends Isabelle Huppert, who holds more than a little ill will towards the younger woman.
City: Kingsway (one show Sun,Tue,Thu)
Suburbs: Vaughan    Winston Churchill
  Guddiyan Patole (India, D: Vijay Kumar Arora, site)
Destiny brings two girls back together as adults.
Suburbs: Eglinton Town Centre    Mississauga
  If Beale Street Could Talk (USA, D: Barry Jenkins, site)
A pregnant woman draws strength from her Harlem family as she tries to prove her incarcerated husband's innocence. From the director of Moonlight.
City: Carlton
  Invisible Essence: The Little Prince (Canads, D: Charles Officer, site)
The influence of the beloved book The Little Prince is intertwined with the story of its author.
City: Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue)
  Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum (India, D: Ranjit Jeyakodi, site)
Tamil-language romantic drama.
Suburbs: Woodside    York
  Level 16 (Canada, D: Danishka Esterhazy, site)
Imprisoned teens seek the truth about their jail-like school.
City: Yonge & Dundas
  More Than Blue (Taiwan, D: Gavin Lin, site)
A dying man tries to find a suitable boyfriend for his female best friend.
City: Yonge & Dundas
Suburbs: Markham    Richmond Hill
  On The Basis Of Sex (USA, D: Mimi Leder, site)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg encounters entrenched sexism on her way to the U.S. Supreme Court.
City: Kingsway (one show Sat,Mon,Wed)
  Shoplifters (India, D: Hirokazu Koreeda, site)
Petty criminals form a makeshift family, incorporating a young child found wandering in the cold. Winner of the Palme D'or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.
City: Carlton
  Stan & Ollie (UK/Canada/USA, D: Jon S. Baird, site)
Laurel & Hardy undertake a tour of post-war Britain in the fading years of their comedy career.
City: Carlton    Regent (one show Fri-Sun,Tue)
  A Star Is Born (USA, D: Bradley Cooper, site)
A veteran musician watches a young talent's star rise as his own begins to fall. With Lady Gaga.
City: Canada Square    Kingsway
  Thadam (India, D: Magizh Thirumeni, site)
Tamil-language whodunnit.
Suburbs: Woodside
  They Shall Not Grow Old (UK/New Zealand, D: Peter Jackson, site)
World War 1, and its participants, are brought to vivid life.
City: Kingsway (one show daily)
  To Dust (USA, D: Shawn Snyder, site)
A Hasidic Jew becomes obsessed with the inevitable decay of his recently deceased wife's body.
City: Canada Square
  The Wandering Earth (China, D: Fwant Gwo, site)
Humanity's salvation rests on moving the Earth away from a dying Sun.
Suburbs: Markham
  The Wife (UK/Sweden/USA, D: Bjorn Runge, site)
Glenn Close begins to question her role playing the good wife to acclaimed novelist Jonathan Pryce.
City: Mt. Pleasant (one show Sat,Sun,Tue,Thu)
  Woman At War (Iceland/France/Ukraine, D: Benedikt Erlingsson, site)
An eco-terrorist defending Iceland's landscape against industrial development weighs how best she can affect the planet's future.
City: Lightbox
  The World Before Your Feet (USA, D: Jeremy Workman, site)
A New Yorker attempts to walk every street in his city.
City: Mt. Pleasant (one show Fri-Sun,Wed)

Compiled by Don Marks (contact)

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